ErgoDox Wireless

We've taken the ErgoDox, a split and ortholinear mechanical keyboard, and redesigned it to be completely wireless. No wire between the two halves, no wire to your computer, and you can easily switch between multiple devices wirelessly. With the ZMK firmware, you can customize the keymap to your heart's desire and make it your own.

We've added an option for solar charging, with which you'll never need to charge your keyboard. We've also designed an anodized aluminum CNC case that gives your keyboard a premium look.

The group buy has officially ended as of March 10, 2021. Please see this blog post for the progress of the current group buy. If you have received your kit, please check the Discord for assembly information (see announcement channel).

If you are interested in an ErgoDox Wireless:

  • Some extras from the first round will be available in July 2021. If you are interested, please subscribe to our newsletter (form at the bottom of every page on this site).
  • We anticipate having a second round of the group buy shortly after the first round has shipped. An interest check will run in July 2021. If you are interested, please subscribe to our newsletter (form at the bottom of every page on this site).

To build a complete ErgoDox Wireless keyboard, you will need 3 products from this store:

You will need to purchase the following keyboard components:

  • Cherry MX compatible switches and keycaps
  • Costar stabilizers

As is typical with these kits, some assembly and soldering is required. The process is fairly straightforward. Please see the assembly page for more information. Buyers who do not want to do any assembly or soldering may be interesting in the assembly service.

Watch a typing test video of the keyboard in action.

Carrying Case (optional addon, product page)

If you plan on ever traveling with your ErgoDox Wireless keyboard, this is the perfect addon for you. The case has enough room to hold the keyboard along with a pair of wrist rests. The custom cut foam ensures that the keyboard is protected while in transit.

Tenting Kit (optional addon, product page)

The tenting kit allows you to use your ErgoDox Wireless at a more comfortable angle. It is completely adjustable using screws and nuts.

USB Dongle (recommended addon, product page)

While the ErgoDox Wireless keyboard works perfectly fine without a dongle, having one significantly improves battery life. Without a dongle, a 400mAh battery lasts around a month. A dongle will extend that to over a year per charge (and even longer with solar charging). Read about why a dongle improves battery life. A dongle is automatically included with every case purchased with the solar charging option.