MX Switches

The ErgoDox Wireless Lite and ErgoDox Wireless Pro both come with hot swap sockets that support MX switches. While "MX Switches" originated with the Cherry MX switches, nowadays there are hundreds of different options from dozens of manufacturers.

Please note that low profile switches are not compatible with the standard ErgoDox Wireless. If you are interested in a low-profile keyboard, please check out the ErgoDoxLP Wireless.

If you have questions about whether the switch that you want to use will work with our keyboard, feel free to send us a message.

Common Switch Options

Below we have a list of some of the common options but it is in no way exhaustive.

  • Cherry MX Clear/Blue/Brown/Black/Red/Green
  • Gateron Brown/White/Yellow/Black/Green/Blue/Red
  • Drop Halo Clear/True
  • Kailh Blue/Brown/Red
  • Kailh Speed Silver/Copper/Bronze/Gold
  • Kailh Box (many variants)
  • Zeal Zilent/Zealios

3-Pin "Plate Mount" vs 5-Pin "PCB Mount" Switches

MX switches come in two variants, a 3-pin "plate mount" version and a 5-pin "PCB mount" version. Both can be used with the ErgoDox Wireless Lite/Pro. The plate mount switch requires a plate, which the ErgoDox Wireless includes. The PCB mount switch requires two additional mounting holes on the PCB, which the ErgoDox Wireless also includes.

RGB vs non-RGB Switches

Some switches are available in a RGB variant with a transparent housing and a non-RGB variant with an opaque housing. SliceMK keyboards do not utilize per-key LEDs so either variant can be used.

RGB underglow, which is included on newer SliceMK keyboards, is not impacted by the transparency of the switch housing.