ErgoDoxLP Keycaps

This page lists Kailh Choc V1 low-profile (LP) keycap options for the ErgoDoxLP Wireless.

If you are looking for MX keycaps for the ErgoDox Wireless Lite and Pro, please check out the ErgoDox Keycaps page.

This page was last updated 2022-10-06 and will be refreshed periodically. If you believe something is missing or incorrect, please let us know.

Keycap Requirements

It is recommended that you purchase the following keys for filling a complete ErgoDoxLP Wireless keyboard:

  • 60x1U (58 regular keys plus 2 homing keys)
  • 12x1.5U
  • 4x2U

1U/1.5U/2U refer to the keycap width. 1U is the standard keycap size, 1.5U is keycap with 150% width, and 2U is keycap with 200% width.

If aesthetics is not a priority, you may choose to use 1U keycaps in place of 1.5U/2U keycaps or 1.5U keycaps in place of 2U keycaps.

The keyboard supports both MX-spacing (19.05mm x 19.05mm) and Choc-spacing (18mm x 17mm) keycaps. It is important to note that MX-spacing (compatible) refers to the size of the keycaps and should not be confused with MX switches/keycaps (completely different and not compatible).

Keycap Options