ErgoDox Wireless Assembly Service

ErgoDox Wireless Assembly Service

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While the assembly process for the ErgoDox Wireless is very straightforward, some individuals may prefer to have the assembly done for them.

The assembly service is available for the following keyboards:

At the moment, the assembly service is only available for orders shipping to the continental United States.

Do I need the assembly service?

Most people do not need the assembly service. The keyboards comes with all the electronics components already soldered, including hot swap sockets. Switches can simply be popped into the sockets and the keycaps can be popped onto the switches.

If you are new to custom keyboards, you can watch this brief assembly video to see what the process entails. You can also check out the getting started guide for more details.

If you would prefer to have the switch and keycap installation done for you, you can add the assembly service to your order. Please note that the switches and keycaps are not included; you are responsible for purchasing them and shipping them (to New York City) for the assembly process. Once fully assembled, the completed keyboard will be shipped to you.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the keyboard, the assembly process, or the assembly service.