ErgoDox Wireless Tenting Kit
ErgoDox Wireless Tenting Kit

ErgoDox Wireless Tenting Kit

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The tenting kit allows you to angle your ErgoDox Wireless at a more comfortable typing position. Keyboard tenting is useful for reducing wrist pronation, which can be painful in some individuals.

For each half, three coupling nuts are used in conjunction with screws to enable adjustments. The tenting kit includes screws for three predefined angles: 11 degrees, 20 degrees, and 26 degrees. From there, minor adjustments are possible by screwing into and out of the coupling nuts.

Watch this demonstration video to see how the tenting kit works.

The tenting kit is available in two variants:

  • Basic: This option tents the keyboard on its own.
  • Full Hand: This option tents the keyboard along with a wrist rest.
    • The wrist rest is sold separately and not included.
    • Layered Wrist Rest screws directly into the tenting plate.
    • Grifiti Wrist Rest does not screw into the tenting plate but should remain in place with gravity and friction.

The tenting plate is made from 1.5mm aluminum.

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