Group Buys Logistics

A group buy involves a group of individuals pooling money together to produce a product with economies of scale. Group buys allow smaller vendors such as SliceMK to bring products (such as the ErgoDox Wireless) to market with limited capital.

As the money must be pooled together before the parts are ordered from the manufacturer, there is a period of several months between when the customer pays for the product and when the product is finally shipped to the customers.

Since the number of parts that we purchase from manufacturers is directly dependent on the number of orders we receive, we are unable to offer refunds for group buys. In extenuating circumstances, we may allow an exception if one customer wants a refund and someone that missed the group buy wants to join for the same products. In such cases, the buyer is responsible for the processing fee. See the refund policy for details.

Please be mindful that delays are possible. Even though our estimates take potential delays into account, sometimes additional things go wrong with the supply chain. This is especially true post COVID with the global chip shortage and shipping difficulties. In the event of a delay, we will do our best to keep everyone informed on the progress.