Group Buys Logistics

A group buy is when a group of individuals pool their money together to produce a product with some economies of scale. Group buys allow vendors such as SliceMK to bring novel products, like the ErgoDox Wireless, to market with limited capital.

Since the money must be pooled together before the goods are purchased from the manufacturer, there is a period of several months between when the customer pays and when the product is shipped to the customers.

Furthermore, we do not offer refunds. Refunds can affect the group buy as a whole (even before the group buy closes) since the group buy's success is dependent on ordering some minimum number of units from the manufacturers. After the group buy closes, the funds would have been paid for manufacturing. In extenuating circumstances, we may allow an exception if one person wants out and someone else that missed the group buy wants to join for the same products. In such cases, a fee would apply. Please see the refund policy for details.

Please keep in mind that delays are possible. Even though our shipping estimates are already somewhat conservative, sometimes things go wrong in the supply chain. With this in mind, we promise to be transparent throughout the process and maintain an open line of communication about what is going on.