ErgoDox Wireless Full Hand Plate

ErgoDox Wireless Full Hand Plate

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The full hand plate is a sheet of 1.5mm aluminum that connects an ErgoDox Wireless Lite or Pro keyboard with a wrist rest to form a single-piece full hand keyboard. The full hand plate is certainly not required to use the keyboard with a wrist rest; it is simply an option for those that prefer for the keyboard and wrist rest to be mutually attached.

If you are purchasing a carrying case, be sure to the select the "Full Hand" or "Standard and Full Hand" foam option if you would like to transport the full hand keyboard directly in the carrying case.

Please note that this does not provide tenting. If you would like to tent your keyboard as well, you should instead consider the full hand tenting kit.

This is not recommended for use with the ErgoDoxLP Wireless.

Wrist Rest

  • The wrist rest is sold separately and not included.
  • This is designed for use with the Layered Wrist Rest, which screws directly into the full hand plate.
  • This is not designed for use with the Grifiti Wrist Rest as that lacks screw holes for mounting. However you may try to mount that using tape or glue at your own risk.

Addon Availability/Shipping

If you have an order that is awaiting shipment and would like to add something to your order, contact us for your order to be manually modified so you are not be charged double for shipping.

If you have multiple products in the same order, your order will ship once everything is ready. You should place separate orders if you would like in-stock items to ship before items that are awaiting arrival.

This addon is available as part of group buy round 3 and is estimated to ship in January 2023. A limited number may be available to ship earlier at an earlier date. Please contact us for up-to-date information on inventory.