NKRO (ZMK Firmware)

While the default 6KRO (6-key rollover) is sufficient for most users, many users may require NKRO (n-key rollover) for applications such as stenography or gaming. The SliceMK hardware and the ZMK firmware are fully capable of NKRO. NKRO can be enabled with a minor configuration change.

Online Configurator

If you are using the online configurator, enable NKRO by adding the following lines to the beginning of the JSON keymap file.

"Kconfig": {

Please refer to the highlighted lines in the screenshot below to see where exactly the above snippet should be placed. Please make note of the comma at the end of the highlighted portion; it must be included for the syntax to be valid.

The resulting file should be uploaded to the configurator to build an updated firmware with NKRO enabled.

GitHub Actions Workflow

If you are using the GitHub Actions workflow, please add CONFIG_ZMK_HID_REPORT_TYPE_NKRO=y to the .conf file within the config directory.