ErgoDox Wireless Custom Top Layer

While the laser cut case is available with the top in 3 styles by default (white, black, and clear), a custom top layer is also available. We can order custom one from the following materials:

To get a custom top, you should select "Custom" for "Top Color" when ordering the laser cut case. After completing the order, we will reach out about the specific version that you would like. The custom layer cost is the cost listed in the images linked above, which we will subsequently send you an invoice for.


  • Please see Ponoko's material page for additional information and photos (you can simply search the material name).
  • We can order multiple top layers if you would like.
  • The solar panel is 1.8mm thick. If you choose a thinner top layer than the solar panel, the panel will protrude slightly from the top layer.
  • If you are interested in a top layer from something else that's not listed above, please contact us about the possibility.