ErgoDox Wireless Assembly

The keyboard assembly process is very straightforward. Some soldering is necessary. Aside from a soldering iron, you will need a multimeter to check your progress as you go and to ensure that you have done everything correctly. An assembly service is provided for buyers that do not want to do any assembly or soldering.

The electronics PCB, which is purchased with the keyboard PCB (see product page), comes with most components already soldered. However you will still need to solder the following:

  • 3 pin header for the battery
  • 13 pin header for connecting the keyboard PCB to the electronics PCB
  • 4 holes for connecting the solar panel (if your keyboard includes solar charging)

In the graphic below, you can see where those components go. The red areas highlight where the aforementioned components go for the right side and the blue areas similarly for the left side.

After assembly, the electronics PCB for the right side should look something like the following. Please note that this photo shows an older version of the PCB where the components were positioned differently.

On keyboards without Kailh hot swap sockets, you will obviously need to solder switches directly or solder Mill Max sockets.

This page will be updated with more thorough assembly instructions along with an assembly video around when the products begin shipping.